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 Stussy's Game Master Application

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PostSubject: Stussy's Game Master Application   Stussy's Game Master Application EmptyFri Apr 13, 2012 8:15 pm

Stussy's Game Master Application 4e2v


My name is Talia Lee


I am 16 years of age

If we hired you as GM and you saw hackers how would you react?:

If I was hired as a Game Master and I saw hackers, my reaction would be to get rid of them. To do so, I would consider the fact that he/she is really hacking and not fooling around. I would make sure my accusations are correct before I talk to them and then afterward banning them.

Quote :
My steps to catching the hacker:

1: I would go into Hide and observe the Hacker.
2: I would check his stats and information and to make sure it was not a false accusation. 3: When I SS/Record the Hacker, I send the information to the Higher GM's or Admins. Private Servers are already so easy, there's no point in hacking.
4: I understand if the person does a Ban Appeal and dare lie on it, I will DENY it with the proof I have shown to the HGM/Admins already.

If someone was duping how would you handle this?:

Quote :
If someone was duping I would handle it in my own ways. My steps would be the following.
1: Make sure that the player is duping and it is not just a false accusation
2: Check his/her stats to see if they put any effort in the server like training wise and to make sure they don't have over a huge currency number
3: I would go into hide and observe if they are duping and if they are I would also SS and record what that player is doing
4: I send all the information I collected and give it to the HGM and/or the Admins

If we didn't hire you what would you do?:

If I was demoted, I would not react what so ever, since it would be bad to my reputation. If I was demoted, I would understand I was not doing my job correctly and that I shouldn't be part of the Staff at all. Being a GM is what everyone wants to be, but not all of them accepts the job seriously. So if I was demoted, I would keep continuing to play the server.

What languages do you know?:

The languages that I have taken in school or know are Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, English, Latin, Italian, Cantonese and Mandarin.

How would you help improve this server?:

I would improve the servers with some of my traits and abilities that would be useful to the server. I have an amicable appearance, which means that I know how to make everything a little bit more lively. I have Leadership skills, which can be handy in cases when one player isn't responding to the other. I would jump right in and take charge to make sure the operation is complete. I have great Sportsmanship, which helps in times where one player loses, I would cheer them up and encourage them to try harder next time. I learn really quickly, and can talk to those and have patience with those who "go mad". I rarely lose my temper. I know all of the GM commands. If I ever forget anything, I can learn it right away. "It's not rocket science". I will honestly do what I can to assist other fellow GMs to helping players with their questions, and prevent hackers from the community.

Additional info:

I am 16 years of age. I am currently in 11th Grade of High School. The Major I dream of going into is mainly in the Preforming Arts section cause I have addictions to drawing and any form of Art. I am in Drama so is both a part of my life and a reason why I'm so silly and hyper. I love to go Shopping, What kind of girls hate shopping? To sum up to myself, I'm fun to hang with.

Thanks for reading my application

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PostSubject: Re: Stussy's Game Master Application   Stussy's Game Master Application EmptyFri Apr 13, 2012 10:34 pm

Good as always . c:
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Stussy's Game Master Application
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