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 Grey's Application

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PostSubject: Grey's Application   Grey's Application EmptyFri Apr 13, 2012 1:15 am

NAME: Aaron

AGE: 18

If we hired you as GM and you saw hackers how would you react?
Well, it always depends on what hack and how harmful it is
I'll always make myself known after evaluating the situation just to give the hacker a chance to escape (log-off) or confess
*If they log off...well, job done, he stopped and I'll write down the name just for future referance and to alert other power rolls
**If they continue...well I'll ask them to stop, if they don't I'd probably ban them depending on circumstance and type of hack
***If they come back after being "scared off" and continue hacking, I'll troll them abit for thinking they're a smart cookie then instantly ban them after doing something funny :3

If someone was duping how would you handle this?
1. Evaluate what they are doing, and how they are doing it (also what they are duping)
- will help in the future as it may be used to prevent the same dupe happening again
2. Most likely "jail" them if it is a first-time offence and not a harmful dupe
- whilst jailed, explain to them right from wrong (that they shouldn't be duping) and that if it happens again, it's bannable
2*. If it's mass duping of a "harmful" item such as an form of currency, MSIs or anything like that, I'd instant ban
2**. If it's not a "harmful" item but the person is dropping or trading the duped item(s), I'd again, instant ban
3. Proceed to ban character if dupe continues

If we didnt hire you what would you do?
Nothing? I'd just continue to play as a normal character

What languages do you know?
Languages partially to fluently spoken - French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Greek, English

How would you help improve this server?
Well, I have many suggestions for improvement across the server, all of which may be used with or without me becoming a GM
1. (Mainly for Odin)
- Currency like
2,000,000,000 = Maple Coin
50 Maple Coins = 1 Event trophy
5 Maple Coins = 100 Maple Leaves

- NX Slimes in an FM?
Only dropping normal NX, no exclusive and "rare" nx
Since voting already gives 50k NX, NX slimes would be a quicker way of customizing outfits
If you want a specific outfit, just use your NX from voting

2. More "fair" events
To explain, I mean events that ANYONE can win, and i'm not just saying this because i'm terrible at JQs but good at HnS
People that are new, or not "experts" at maplestory cannot win events such as JQ T/F or HnS
If GMs like General Knowledge quizes e.g. What is the collective name of a group of frogs? or "Guess a number between 1 and 100" it helps spread out the winners of events and gives new players a much better chance to win, I realise there aren't that many "random" or "new" players at the moment, but eventually when the number of "Online Players" surpasses it's 30s or even 50s there will definately be the few that don't know how to play the game

3. Friendlier community
I'm not wanting to offend anyone, but today whilst in FM, two new players walked in and I saw only JustinBieber and myself actually acknowledge them by saying Hello or Welcome, I realise that I can achieve this without being a GM but through experience the welcome of a GM (in their white text) is much more welcoming than a normal player, even though they are both considerate

4. To eradicate all hackers
The easiest part, as it's already being completely on a day to day basis

Additional info:
Well, I've only once been a full GM on someone elses MS Private Server and that was quite a long time ago so I'll have to learn the basics commands, but I use to run a WoW Private Server, and yes I know you may hate WoW but it was for friends and a good 3 years ago, I'm sure most things are the same in that you've got to keep the community running and keep some people in line, it was a lot of work as I was the only owner.

I know what responsiblities I'll have and how to conduct myself appropriately, plus I've got a unique personality as some of you may have already discovered, I'm sure I'll help to improve the community regardless of position

I just realised how long i waffled on...thanks for read'n c:
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Grey's Application
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