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 Taon 's Application for Gm

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Taon 's Application for Gm Empty
PostSubject: Taon 's Application for Gm   Taon 's Application for Gm EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 9:30 pm

NAME: Taon


if we hired you as GM and you saw hackers how would you react?:How i would react is by going in to Hide and see how he/she is hacking.IF he/she is hacking like (Vac,Duping,etc) i would ban with no warning.

if someone was duping how would you handle this?:I would do what i said above and also take a screenshot .

if we didnt hire you what would you do?:I would try to help out new players to best i could.

what languages do you know?:English and Vietnamese.

how would you help improve this server?:By making it fun other and keep it a safe player for players and not Hackers.I would help Chase and other Admin's and Gamemaster's and help contribute to the community .I will listen to both side if a problem happens.

additional info:None Smile
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Taon 's Application for Gm
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