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 Installer Guide

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PostSubject: Installer Guide   Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:19 am

people have been having trouble with installer saying 'where did the files go?' 'why can i not see it' 'why isn't installing?' well this tutorial is to decrease the number of players asking it, basically solving their problems. follow these easy small steps to install the best server, Venom-Story!

firstly, download at the downloading page which is here: then wait for download, it is 420 MB cause we have such awesome customs you wont believe it! run the installer and u should end up here:

click ok if u get this message.

u should press next on this page:

then u should end up here.
MOST IMPORTANT BITS LISTEN CAREFULLY, on that page click browse and on the arrow double click the C:drive like so ,

once there, search for your Maple-story folder. it is usually Nexon >Maplestory. if it isn't u should know where it is, mine is called maplestoryv83. click the maplestory folder and click OK . it should have changed the directory from the step 5 image, to your maplestory folder like so.

then just click next then install. if it does not start, wait around 1-4 minutes then it will start installing . if still not and ur a windows 7 user there should be a shield in your task bar. but should appear yet again 1-4 mins.

click the shield in your task bar then click OK or allow, then it will start installing after 30 secs. :3

after click finish, go to your maplestory folder and get ready to play the awesomeness Very Happy if u have any problems please comment it.

p.s sorry i put links having trouble with hosting pics.

pp.s u do NOT have to put the installer in your maplestory folder

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Installer Guide
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