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 Maplestory v83 Error Guides

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PostSubject: Maplestory v83 Error Guides   Maplestory v83 Error Guides EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 1:00 pm

My last server had this and I thought its pretty helpful so I will share it to my new server Smile

v83 Error Code Guide
Error code: -2147467259
You need to update your drivers.

Windows 7: Answer 1 or disable your antivirus software

It could also be your graphics driver, so check that too.

Error code: 10093
This is a problem with Windows Vista users. To fix, read the below steps:
1. Click Start then go to all programs, accessories, command prompt
2. Right click the command prompt and click 'Run as Administrator'.
3. On the command prompt box type netsh winsock reset
5. Press enter and restart your computer.

Error 38
This error may happen randomly or you stayed in the cash shop for too long. Restart the Venom client to fix this.
Other reasons:
1. It can also be a packet error, meaning that wrong information is sent to the client.
2. Some skills get you error 38. Example: Speed Infusion. (Thanks to Draco for both reasons)

Server check/Firewall
1. It is because the server is down or in the middle of restarting
2. If server is up and you have this error, try disabling any antivirus/firewall you have against the Venom client
3. You have been IP or mac banned.
4. Your internet is not enabled

Missing ijl15.dll
Also, check to see if the Venom client has been placed in your v83 folder. Put our client where your v83 maple folder is, and open the client there.
Can't get pass login
1. Run the client as an admin (for vista & win 7 users)
2. If other players can get online, disable your loopback adaptor.
3. If the problem still exists, wait for a server restart.

Stuck in character selection
Your character is stuck ingame, type in your user name & type fixme as the password at the login page, and then login as usual. If this does not work, get an admin or GM to unstuck your account.

Account does not exist / Unregistered ID
Most common cause of this is because you installed v83 into the same folder where your GMS or other versions are saved. Make a new folder on the desktop or wherever you want and name it something like Maplestory v83. Then, install v83 into the new folder, put the Venom cilent in the folder you installed v83, and then login. If this doesn't work, your account might be deleted.

Error code: -2147024883 (The data is invalid.)
Uninstall and reinstall Maplestory.
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Maplestory v83 Error Guides
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