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NAME: Bobby Dement

AGE: 21

if we hired you as GM and you saw hackers how would you react?: Depends on the hack to be honest , spammers:Mute
fly hacks:jail, GodMode&Itemvac:Jail I do not really see a reason to ban someone when jail and mute work perfectly fine.

if someone was duping how would you handle this?: Delete all duped items from the account , report the dupe process to owner & Ban the duplicater if they continued after being warned/

if we didnt hire you what would you do?: Play like I already do.

what languages do you know?: Just English & Piglatin if that counts?

how would you help improve this server?: I am fair , I have a ton of event idea's I am mature I think I would be a nice luxary for the server to have.

additional info:
I attend Mid Michigan University , I am a Java Programmer , I have played maplestory since I was a little kid & I have never grown out of it , I am funny & some say devilishly handsome
I flirst a lot , & I am ready to take on any other questions you may have

P.s - This is an Application for a position I do not want yet do not read or take seriously until 4-28-12
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