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 Edward 4 GM!

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PostSubject: Edward 4 GM!   Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:09 pm




If we hired you as GM and you saw hackers how would you react?:
First, always take a picture of what their doing
First time, warn them.
Second time, jail them.
Third time, suspend them.
Fourth time, take it up with head GM or owner for ban.

If someone was duping how would you handle this?:
If someone was duping I will try to tell them to stop and tell this to owner(Chase), or co-owner(Luke).

If we didnt hire you what would you do?:
Honestly, I believe that Luke, JustinBieber,and Obey would be great GMs. I believe these people would be great GMs. As far as I have seen they have been active, they have stuck to the server for a long while, they have helped a lot of people in many different ways, and they are all great and friendly people. Sorry if I named more than I was supposed to, but these are the people I believe have a big chance at being GM. I know they all can't be picked.

What languages do you know?:

How would you help improve this server?:
I can help the server by keeping the community safe and alive. I can't stand bug abusers or hackers. I'm very active and I love everyone whose been a part of this server ever since I started playing.

Additional info:
I am fun, outgoing person. I love to have fun. You cannot call it life if it is boring. I would say I am very intellegant. I am weird, who isn't weird in their own way? I am just not afraid to admit it. And I'm pervect. Although I am not as how bad as I used to be with the perv jokes and all, I still can be one at time. Lastly, sexy. I am sexier than anyone else applying.
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Edward 4 GM!
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