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 Dylan's GM APP

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PostSubject: Dylan's GM APP   Dylan's GM APP EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 3:59 pm

NAME: Dylan Skoryk
IGN: Dylan
AGE: 13

if we hired you as GM and you saw hackers how would you react?: First I would get proof such as a screen shot. Then I would jail them for about 3 hours (if jail was working) then If jail wasn't I would give them the choice to stop hacking or ban. If they keep hacking I would ban them.

if someone was duping how would you handle this?: If I saw someone duping I would ask him if he would give me the items he was duping. If he fails to do that I would take an SS of him admitting he duped (I know how to players admit things) and then I would report it to a higher level GM such as Admin/Owner. If all else fail I would jail/ban.
if we didnt hire you what would you do?: If I didn't get hired I would not be mad. I would stay with the server because it's great! I would then wait till GM apps open again.

what languages do you know?: The languages I know is english and very little french.

how would you help improve this server?: I could help improve this server by giving great idea's like with events, npc and just other stuff we need. I could also help run events, and answer questions people have. I also believe that this server will become to be one of the best servers and I would love to be apart of it. I can also donate if I have money and when needed.

additional info: Some additional information is that my hours online is usually from 2-4 on weekdays and 12+ on weekends. I also play hockey, im very active and I love to help out servers with almost everything (accept wz edits and coding and stuff like that). Lastley I would like to say ive been a GM in 5 other servers such as AbideStory, AppleMS, CheeseMS, CoolStoryBro(Admin) and PonyMS(Co-Owner). I only have proof for PonyMS and CoolStoryBro becuase I switched computers (Ask me for the proof)

Thanks for reading my application Very Happy

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Dylan's GM APP
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